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Cinnamon Harvesting

For Indochine Natural,  sourcing high-grade essential oils is a priority.  Australian Co-founder and Chief Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair, and our Quality Manager do this work. The Cinnamon essential oil we use at Indochine Natural comes from various countries. These include Sri Lanka, Indonesia, and Viet Nam. The process of harvesting the raw Cinnamon has not varied for centuries.

At two years old, a Cinnamon tree is cut back to a stump and covered with soil. This makes it grow like a bush, with fresh shoots emerging out of the sides by the following year. It’s these shoots that are used to make Cinnamon. The leaves are removed and the outer bark scrapped off the twigs in one piece and rolled in layers. Telescope style, these long quills that are left to dry for several days.

The Cinnamon essential oil is later extracted by steam distillation.

Selecting Cinnamon essential oil for use in Indochine Natural products requires careful inspection. The fragrance can be influenced by where and how the plant was cultivated.  Likewise, the extraction method, soil, air, and water in the growing region, the health of the plant. How long it sits before distillation will affect fragrance. We have been known to reject entire shipments of Cinnamon essential oil. When the oil enters the production facility, our Quality Manager will check the  Certificates of Analysis.  Then she will carry out organoleptic evaluations. If the results are acceptable, the essential oil is added to our stock.

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