Are Natural Handmade Body Care Products Always the Safest?

For consumers, it appeals to our belief that if it came from the earth, and is handmade, it must be good for us. Unfortunately, this belief is ill informed.

For any all natural body care product, you should probe behind the promises:

Who made the products, is this person contactable, and what are their qualifications? Unfortunately, many”all natural” products, are mass produced in factories using synthetic ingredients.

Amateurs are starting to make and sell body care products without any understanding of the basics. This can also apply to those running classes on how to make body care products.

Can you visit the place where products are made? These facilities should not be top-secret.

What laboratory testing is there to ensure safety? As an absolute minimum, these should include Certificates of Analysis for ingredients,  Challenge Tests, microbial test, and analysis for heavy metals and other potential contaminants of finished products.

I encourage you to ask questions of the sellers of natural products.

Dr Mike Thair
Co-founder & Chief Formulator
Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd

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