Preservatives in Indochine Natural Washes & Shampoo

Body wash, face wash, and shampoo products made using synthetic ingredients must use preservatives. Indochine Natural is one of a  small number of companies globally that saponifies whole plant oils to make these products. A characteristic of saponifying whole plant oils is that the products do not require preservatives. This is because  the action of  soap on microbial cell membranes, and the pH of these products, makes microbial growth impossible.

To confirm this, we send samples to a registered test lab for a  “Preservatives Efficacy Test.” Here dangerous bacteria and fungi are injected into the product over a period of about 30 days to see if these microbes will grow and multiply. In all cases, the results for Indochine Natural body wash, shampoo and face wash are a “percentage kill” of 99.99% across all microorganisms.

This raises the question then……why don’t other manufacturers use this saponification method if the use of preservatives can be avoided? The answer is simple. Production using saponification is complicated and expensive.  It must be done by hand  by well-trained employees. Most companies use synthetic surfactants because they are cheap, easy to use, and automated machinery can do the production.

Dr. Mike Thair

Managing Director & Chief Formulator

Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd

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