Discover Natural Soap

Discover Natural Soap artisan made in Malaysia. It is gentle on the skin.  Also, natural soap is intensely soothing, nourishing and hydrating. As a result, they provide a relaxing and reassuring experience.

Turn Onto Natural Soap

Therefore, make time in your daily routine to reconnect with life’s simple, timeless pleasures. Transform you daily bathing ritual into “me time.” Create daily bathing rituals infused with spicy oriental fragrances. Our bar soap can help reduce tension and stress. Also, they promote a sense of well-being for body and soul.  Most of all, the conditioning properties leave your skin feeling hydrated. So,  your skin will feel toned and be  lightly scented.

We  infuse with gentle exfoliants. These bars will leave you skin clean, bright and glowing. Your skin will radiate good health. You will feel better, and others will notice your clean, radiant skin.

Artisan made on Penang Island, Malaysia. Curing of each bar of soap takes 30 days. It is then  released for sale. We use only the highest quality ingredients.

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