Organic Face Oil

Lasting hydration from nature. Indulge in a luxurious, moisturising and protective organic face oil. Envelop both your senses and your skin with a gentle caress. Organic face oils hydrate even the driest skin and are suitable for any skin type.

Face oils have swept into the skin care segment. They have changed beauty regimes overnight, and for some good reasons. The word is out, avoid creams on your face. Many creams contain waxes, synthetic fragrances and preservatives. These work against having healthy skin.

Face oil is intensely soothing and hydrating. The oil absorbs rapidly and evenly into the skin, smoothing patch skin. You skin will be brighter and toned, without feeling greasy.

Be Versatile

A popular choice for both men and women. Ridiculously versatile. Use it also as a body moisturiser. Apply a few drops to your hair, or nails for extra nourishment and cuticle care.

Artisan made on Penang Island, Malaysia.

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