Cosmetic Clays

Enjoy blissful and self-indulgent “me-time” with cosmetic clays. There is nothing better than a cleansing and skin rejuvenating clay mask.  Using clays for cosmetic purposes has existed for centuries. People are rediscovering the benefits of clays for different health and skincare conditions.

Clays are very effective in absorbing excess oil, dirt, and toxins. They exfoliate and improving skin circulation. With regular usage (we recommend once or twice a week) you skin will appear smoother and softer.  You can enjoy the clay working at once.

You can apply a paste of clay and water on any skin irritation like blemishes, insect bites, cuts, burns, and other skin irritations and common skin conditions. Apply before going to bed, and see the results next day.

For the best effects, we recommend you team up our clay with Indochine Natural face wash and organic face oil. Treat yourself once a week with a clay mask, and see the results. Others will notice as well!

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