Dish Wash (solid)
No Fragrance (200 grams)

RM 10.00

This solid dish wash paste has excellent cleaning properties and can be used in cold water. It is long lasting and 100% biodegradable. Available in Fragrance-Free, and Lemongrass.

Ingredients + Routine

No Fragrance:
Aqua, sodium palmate (recycled cooking oil collected from Halal restaurants).

Use a circular motion on the surface of the dish wash soap to lather up a moistened dish cloth, loofah or sponge. Scrub dishes and cutlery as normal, rinse well. For stubborn dirt, soak overnight.

What to expect

Product texture:
Hard, lathers easily.

Sparkling clean dishes and cutlery and a clean conscience.


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No Fragrance (200 grams)



    Easy to use,but need to keep it dry in between washing..cleans quite well..the most important thing,no issue with toxic chemicals in contact with our hand or environment..

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