French pink clay

French Pink Clay (50 grams)

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Feeling the mid-week blues. Also in need of some blissful and self-indulgent “me-time”? Therefore you are in need of some pampering. In that case, there is nothing better than a cleansing, skin rejuvenating clay mask using cosmetic clay. Discover the powerful properties of our French Pink Clay, exclusive to Indochine Natural. First of all, your skin will be refreshed, brighter, cleaner and the benefits are at once obvious. Second,  French Pink Clay is natural and fabulous to pamper the most delicate skin. Also, you can have a facial in your own home, whether you are in Penang or another area of Malaysia

Ultra-ventilated and rich in natural trace elements.  This pink kaolin clay gently refines your skin’s texture. It will bring your natural glow and leave the skin feeling surprisingly soft. French Pink Clay is used in exclusive Spas worldwide and is known to be the mildest of all clays. This clay is recommended for sensitive skin, but works well for all skin types. Rich in natural trace elements, French Pink Clay absorbs excess oil and dirt from the skin surface. It also refines, tightens pores, and detoxes. Dead skin cells and impurities are removed to reveal soft, smooth skin which is full of vitality.

High-Quality French Pink Clay

At Indochine natural, quality is out top priority. We source our clay from Argiletz, which was founded in 1953 and is located in France. Many companies use different kinds of energy to dry their raw materials. This discharges CO2 emissions which is not good for the environment.  For the past 60 years, Argiletz has used the sun to dry clay.

In 2007, Argiletz was the first company of natural products to obtain the Standard ISO 9001. This standard guarantees the entire traceability of the quality process. In 2013, Argiletz obtained the standard ISO 22716 for  GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).

You can therefore be assured that you are using the best quality clay.

Skincare hint: try teaming up you clay treatment with our organic face oil.



What to expect

Fragrance: None.

Product texture: Fine granular pink powder.

Skin feel: Clean, smooth energised, and moisturised.

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2 reviews for French Pink Clay (50 grams)

    4 out of 5


    I tried it for the first time. I find that my face is cleaner, clearer and immediately calm down the inflamed acne. It helps to pull up the whiteheads to the surface for easier getting rid of it. My personal experience is that never leave the mask completely dry on your face..only 80%-90% dry. Otherwise, you will feel your skin tighten up and sometimes dry. It is also to avoid messiness when the dried mask cracks and drops bits & pieces on the floor…so for easier cleanse up never leave it at 100% dry 🙂



    Effective for pimples by dotting it on your problem spots and leaving it overnight.

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