Orange Sweet (10 mL)

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“Orange is bright and lively, with a warm glow of copper. It disperses fear of the unknown and helps release obsessions, creating a positive outlook, particularly with regard to emotional tangles.” Valerie Ann Worwood, in Aromantics, Pan Books, 1987.

Our essential oils are personally selected by our Australian Co-Founder & Chief Formulator Dr. Mike Thair, and sourced from around the world.

Botanical Name: Citrus sinensis

Plant part used: Fruit peel

Method of Extraction: Cold press

Colour: Orange to deep orange brown

Perfumery Note: Top


2 reviews for Orange Sweet (10 mL)



    Love this Sweet orange oil.
    I am a heavy user on this oil.
    Put few drop of sweet orange oil n lavender in diffuser give me a good nite sleep..!!



    This is my favourite EO so far. Love the refreshing scent!

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