Organic Bulgarian Rose
Hydration Mist (100 mL)

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(2 customer reviews)

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A skincare ritual to look forward to. Our Organic Bulgarian Rose Hydration Mist. Excellent for refreshing your skin and spirit. One of the most wonderful experiences that you can include in your skin care routine. Helps soften and hydrate your skin. Gives your skin a natural, fresh glow. And the aroma…..divine….direct from the Valley of Roses in Bulgaria.

Easily carried for freshening up during the day to remain your radiant best.

This product is alcohol free.

Ingredients + Routine

Organic Rosa Damascena Flower Water

Close your eyes and hold the bottle away from your face. Spray onto you face once or twice and allow to dry.

What to expect

Fragrance: Natural fresh rose.

Product texture: Clear liquid.

Skin feel: Fresh, cool, fragrant and moisturised.

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2 reviews for Organic Bulgarian Rose
Hydration Mist (100 mL)

    5 out of 5


    I love the scents. It’s never overpowering. It gives me a hydrated face. It is a versatile mist. You could use it as a toner, a makeup remover, through out the day hydrating face mist and mixer to clay mask.

    5 out of 5


    I love this Organic Bulgarian Rose Hydration Mist. I use this as a toner. My skin feels very supple after using it and I find that I don’t have slather on as much moisturizer as I used too. I have sensitive skin and before discovering this brand not too long ago, I do not use a toner because all toners in the market so far always breaks me out but this little gem does not. Thank you Dr. Mike and Ms. Le for this amazing brand!

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