Patchouli Lavender
Face Wash (250 mL)

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(7 customer reviews)

RM 57.30

Created using gentle soap made from extra virgin olive oil, this face wash will replenish and refresh the face without drying. Patchouli Lavender Face Wash is an exotic and sensuous fusion of calming Patchouli to balance your skin, luxurious Lavender to tone and revitalise, and a dash of citrusy Bergamot to help reduce the bacteria on your skin.

Ingredients + Routine

Water (Aqua), Potassium Olivate (olive oil), Pogostemon cablin (Patchouli) oil, Lavandula angustifolia (Lavender) oil, Citrus aurantium bergamia (Bergamot) fruit oil

Apply to palm, lather well, and then massage over the face in a circular motion. Rinse well.

What to expect

Earthy Lavender with a dash of citrus

Product texture:
Clear olive green brown liquid

Skin feel:
Clean, energised, moisturised.


7 reviews for Patchouli Lavender
Face Wash (250 mL)

    5 out of 5


    I cannot say enough of this face wash, love the smell so much. I have been through bottles of this stuff and even when I travel, I MUST bring it along with me. Love , love, LOVE it!

    5 out of 5


    World’s best natural face wash! It has made a world of difference for me. My skin is softer and healthier. It even acts as make up remover for me. My facial beautician also commended on my improved skin. Can’t imagine myself using any other facial cleanser anymore.

    5 out of 5


    I have been using this for a few years & love it for its gentleness, never makes my skin feel dry. I also love it for its versatility. When I am away for a day or two, I just take this along as my multi-purpose cleanser – for face, body & even hair.



    I had the privilege of experiencing this product in while staying in Terang Bulan in Langkawi. Love the scent and how it makes my face feels after a wash. Refreshed, zen and calm, all at once.

    5 out of 5


    Big fan here!
    I love all about it.
    The scent & fresh effect after use it.
    Please keep a good work and I hope the packing can be improved. Top cover (similar to the mist bottle) would be great as it will not spill during travel (few times bad experience)



      Hi Mira,

      We are glad you enjoy our face wash, and thanks for your kind words.

      Yes, know what you mean about using these bottles when traveling, something, we do a lot.

      OK, two travel tips here:

      (1) Before packing the bottle, unscrew the pump cap then push the pump down completely, expelling the pump contents into the bottle. Rotate the pump into the “lock” position while it is still down. Then screw the pump back into the bottle in the locked position.

      (2) What I am doing these days is traveling more with our 30 mL bottles. I find that one bottle lasts me 2-3 days. We sell these in boxes of 5 x 30 mL bottles, and on request I am sure we can make up a selection of 5 bottles (body wash, shampoo, face wash) to your request.


      Kind regards,

      Dr. Mike Thair

      Managing Director & Chief Formulator

    5 out of 5


    Wow, I never expected to be so in love with this Patchouli Lavender scented face wash. My first bottle was the Litsea Patchouli because I thought I wouldn’t like the flowery scent of this lavender face wash. My mom ran out of her own face wash so I gave the Litsea Patchouli to her and had to purchase another one for myself. I thought why not give this Patchouli Lavender one a try.
    My order arrived yesterday and I used it yesterday night itself after coming back from the office.
    Oh my goodness! I am so in love with the scent. I never expected it to smell so divine, luxurious and calming. For someone who detest strong scents, this is a winner. It has the perfect balance of floral and citrus. You can definitely tell that the essential oils used are 100% natural and of high quality.
    I really, really, really highly recommend this Patchouli Lavender to all, especially after a long day of work.

    5 out of 5


    Initially got the trial size and fell in love with it right away so got myself a full sized bottle. Love the scent, so refreshing and calming. Also love how gentle it is, face feels soft after washing and no ‘tight’ feeling. Personally feel the price is really reasonable and affordable for such big bottle compared to other natural/organic brands.

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