Smart Chemistry & Body Care – but there is more we need to be concerned about?

This is a complex issue. As a scientist, I am becoming disturbed about the way our industry is moving. Seeing facts distorted and untruths becoming truths via Google is now prevalent. Chemistry has become “smart” in recent years. But is there any need for a number of these complex and cutting-edge chemicals to be in our body care products?

I often see misrepresentations centre around ingredients in body care products.  Some of these may be benign in one state and toxic in others. An illustration is titanium dioxide, which is usually considered safe in sunscreen or toothpaste.  Yet, when used in powder form, such as in mineral makeup powders, there may be health risks. There are published concerns about cancer risks to workers handling  Titanium Dioxide ( ).

But this issue is much wider than the use in body care products. Titanium dioxide is a popular additive in  food, personal care, and other consumer products.  It is entering sewage systems and the environment as treated effluent.

One published research study (Environ Sci Technol. 2012 Feb 21; 46(4): 2242-50.) raises an important issue.  While individual products contained low amounts of titanium, their widespread use and disposal requires serious attention by authorities. We are seeing accumulations of toxins in ecosystems.

But we have just described one chemical here. There are thousands more.

What is a reasonable position to adopt here? At Indochine Natural we only produce simple body care products. These include soap, body wash, shampoo, face wash, and body oil.  These are produced from plant materials and oils. Synthetic additives are not used. But, a limitation is the range of products that can be made. A worthwhile compromise we think when considering environmental and health concerns.

Dr. Mike Thair

Co-founder & Chief Formulator
Indochine Natural Sdb Bhd


Smart Chemistry & Body Care – but there is more we need to be concerned about

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