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Why Clove Soap – Discover the Health Benefits

Why Clove soap? Discover the benefits of Clove Natural Soap. History First of all, clove essential oil has a long history. Its uses date back to ancient China and India.  Furthermore, this essential … [Read more...]

Fragrance in Skin Care Products – the rise of synthetics

We have a romantic view of  natural fragrance in skin care products. Blending fragrances is an ancient art. A world of eccentric artisans. Blending the scents of herbs and spices, wild grasses, … [Read more...]

Tips on Blending Essential Oils – from the Master

Before we launch into tips on blending essential oils, let's look at some basics. Why Blend Essential Oils? For me, blending is the combining of science and creativity. I source the finest aromatic … [Read more...]