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Midweek Blues – We Know a Solution

Long working days, excessive workloads and nagging bosses, and the kids driving you crazy – welcome to the club. We’ve reached a point in the week where absolutely nothing is giving us pleasure, and … [Read more...]

Skin care ingredient labels – how to make sense of them

There is a trend these days for skin care brands to tell us what ingredients are not in a product. We’re bombarded with warnings to avoid ingredients like paraben, aluminum, and sulfates. With the … [Read more...]

Private Label Skin & Hair Care – Indochine Natural

Discover Indochine Natural Private Label Skin & Hair Care. Revitalise your brand. THE PROBLEM Let’s face it. Skin & hair care is a crowded space. It’s difficult to differentiate your brand. … [Read more...]

What makes Indochine Natural what it is today? Our brand DNA.

What makes Indochine Natural what it is today? A brand that challenges the way the skin & hair care industry operates. The way we source. The way we formulate. The way we sell. The photo is me … [Read more...]

Coconut Oil Ingredients for Skin – Feel the Benefits

Our Indochine Natural artisans use amazing coconut ingredients for skin and hair in our products.  Notably, our artisans work  with whole oil. They do not use  “plant-derived” ingredients. In fact, … [Read more...]

Hair Conditioner – when will we release one?

“When will Indochine Natural release a hair conditioner?” A question asked often. It’s something we have considered. But first, about the DNA driving Indochine Natural. We define luxury by … [Read more...]