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Trends Impacting International Skin and Hair Care Products

    Mid-year and it’s time for Indochine Natural to look at 2019 trends impacting international skin and hair care. We like to benchmark Indochine Natural against these trends. (1) … [Read more...]

Balance Your Skin With Face Oil – Advice From Dr. Mike

Our Australian Co-Founder & Chief Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair, recommends you balance your skin  with face oil. Counter-intuitive to most, common sense to some – a good face oil blend can do … [Read more...]

Before you rush off to buy a cotton shopping bag.

Before you rush off to buy a cotton shopping bag. Did you know that grocery bags made of plastic are more environment friendly than the alternatives made of paper, bio plastic and cotton? Even if … [Read more...]

Essential Oils to Calm and Relax

I’m reminded about the disconnect many people have with milk. With more families living in cities than ever it seems a disconnect has emerged between supermarket produce and its origins. For example, … [Read more...]

Can I really use organic face oil on my oily skin?

Our Cofounder & Chief Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair, discusses organic face oil. "Can I really use organic face oil on my oily skin? We hear this comment often from consumers.  And, the immediate … [Read more...]

Palm Oil – Questions & Challenges

The Palm Oil question. Something we get occassionally. In the light of these, our Australian, Penang Island-based Chief Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair, responds below. However, before responding it is … [Read more...]

Sunscreen safety? Indochine Natural formulations

I’m amazed at the number of brands and home hobbyists trying to make a buck on alternative and all-natural sunscreens these days. A lot of this is fuelled by customers who are afraid of chemicals like … [Read more...]

Ethical Standards in Skin and Hair care plus lack of regulation

Regularly as consumers we are assailed with “ethical” products. This ranges from vegan products to recyclable packaging, cruelty-free to sustainable sourcing. However, this all takes place in an … [Read more...]

Our early Ha Noi Influences on skin & hair care

Our early Ha Noi influences. ⁣ The 1990s, the awakening of Ha Noi. My first foray into Viet Nam. At that time there were few foreigners in Ha Noi. The atmosphere was edgy, exotic, unfamiliar. … [Read more...]