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Why Are Anti Stress Skin Care Daily Rituals Important

Stress comes from many sources. It may come from your urban and workplace environment. Water and air quality, and other environmental factors. Your emotional wellbeing may be another source of stress. … [Read more...]

How can I avoid greenwashed skincare products?

Yes, we are confronted every day. How can I avoid greenwashed skincare products? First, what is greenwashing? It means giving the impression that the product is something that it is not. For … [Read more...]

Pushing Back Against Consumer Misinformation

Unfortunately in the cosmetics industry we are plagued with consumer misinformation. As a scientist, my focus is on evidence-based approaches. I use this in my global consulting activities. And in my … [Read more...]

Are Cosmeceuticals effective? Let’s look at the evidence.

We see many brands these days selling cosmeceuticals. This raises a question. Are cosmeceuticals effective? What is a Cosmeceutical? The name is a combination of "cosmetics" and "pharmaceuticals". … [Read more...]

Giving Back – It’s Part of Our Philosophy

Giving back.  It's part of the Indochine Natural philosophy. The photo above shows Indochine Natural Co-founder & Master Formulator Dr. Mike Thair, working with intellectually disabled at the … [Read more...]