Archives for December 2019

Environmentalism a single-issue plastic waste campaign?

As a cosmetics manufacturer, plastic waste is of concern. We use plastic bottles. There is no denying the environmental problems posed. The widespread distribution in the food chain of microplastics. … [Read more...]

Clean your fruit and vegetables – avoid dangerous toxins and micro-organisms

As a way of improving our health, we are encouraged to increase our consumption of fruit and vegetables. But how much attention do we pay to where they come from and how clean they are? It is … [Read more...]

Cruelty-Free Cosmetics – smoke and mirrors

You may have noticed that a lot of brands these days are on the cruelty-free cosmetics bandwagon. Fact is, they bring out the cruelty-free banner to leverage sales. And that is the extent of their … [Read more...]

Quality Cosmetics – Our Malaysian Production Facility

With quality cosmetics the intricate journey from raw ingredient to the final product is complex.  Therefore, what is important is that we have traceable ingredients. Indeed, our in-house Quality … [Read more...]