Archives for February 2020

Improve Emotional Wellness With Daily Rituals

I created Indochine Natural to improve skin and hair care. At the same time, you can improve emotional wellness with daily rituals. At Indochine Natural our influences are the romance of a by-gone era … [Read more...]

Waste to Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Made from Recycled Cooking Oil Eco friendly cleaning products have been developed by our Australian Co-Founder, Dr. Mike Thair. He  uses recycled cooking oil.  The … [Read more...]

Can Essential Oils Help With Anxiety – Yes, they can.

There is evidence that our sense of smell  is linked with the areas of our brain that control our emotions. And interestingly, if you are feeling anxious, certain fragrances  can these feelings. … [Read more...]

Soap vs SYNDET bars have you made the comparison?

  Soap vs SYNDET bars. Not all  are created equal. Although they may appear similar, soap differs from a SYNDET (SYNthetic DETergent). They make syndets using blends of synthetic … [Read more...]

Dandruff problem? It is not a good look.

Dandruff problem? Are white flakes visible in your hair, hairbrush, and on your clothes? Embarrassing isn’t it? This is what our Australian, Penang-based, Master Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair has to … [Read more...]