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Long working days, excessive workloads, and nagging bosses – welcome to the club. We’ve reached a point in the week where absolutely nothing is giving us pleasure, and all we can see ahead is sheer pain. We are suffering from the midweek blues.

Drive away the Midweek blues….treat yourself…order in some “me time.” You deserve it.

And best to try something blissful and self-indulgent.” There is nothing better than a cleansing and skin-rejuvenating clay mask.  And you will see and feel immediate results. And it’s something you can do yourself at home.

Most busy gals and guys (and hey guys, real men do clays) don’t have time for facials at a salon. Try supercharging with some “me time” at home. Try teaming up with a friend and share. This is a sure way to beat those midweek blues.

Discover the powerful properties of our French Pink Clay, exclusive to Indochine Natural.  Using clays has existed for centuries. People are rediscovering the benefits of clays for different health and skincare conditions.

Your skin will be refreshed, brighter, cleaner and the benefits are at once visible. The big plus with French Pink Clay is that this natural product is fabulous to pamper the most delicate skin. This clay is recommended for sensitive skin but works well for all types.

Clays are particularly effective in absorbing excess oil, dirt, and toxins. They exfoliate and improve skin circulation. With regular usage (we recommend once or twice a week) your skin will appear smoother and softer.  You can enjoy feeling the clay working at once. You will see results immediately.

You can buy online.  A single jar of French Pink Clay will provide many facials.

Now, have you had a real bitch of a week?  Then suggest you go the whole way. Buy our Product Bundle:

  • Litsea Patchouli Face Wash (250 mL)
  • French Pink Clay (50 grams)
  • Essence Des Plantes Organic Face Oil (50 mL)

Here’s The deal:

Buy this bundle, spend RM 150.00 + and we will courier it to you FREE OF CHARGE (Malaysia only).

Treat yourself, and save money….. Feel Good….Look Good. And your friends will notice.

Buy online. Or from our Factory Retail Outlet. M-F 9:00—5:00.

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