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A constant question. Do we allocate money to advertising or product quality? Our Penang Island-based Australian Master Formulator, Dr Mike Thair, shares his thoughts on what makes Indochine Natural tick.

We’ve heard from the marketing gurus. Their mantra? Invest in more ads, increase your marketing budget, and sign up brand ambassadors. Employ marketing and sales professionals. I’m always asking for the expected returns on these investments. It’s a great conversation-stopper.

Our approach to advertising or product quality?

Our thoughts? Doing away with a lot of marketing expenses means we can refocus where we spend our money. We invest in reality rather than fiction. We worked back up our production chain and made changes. We spend more on production and ingredient quality than investing in smoke and mirrors.

This means we invest in high-quality production equipment. And globally source the best quality ingredients. And most importantly, invest in the Malaysian artisans making our products. We provide attractive salaries and working conditions.

Investing as we do produces skincare products that are four to five times more expensive to make, yet we can still offer them at the same retail price as the big mass-produced brands. We provide customers with quality that is superior to factory-produced mass-market brands.

But every day we have hundreds of reasons to lose hope. But we keep going. Our mission? Create incredible products. Escape the ordinary, and do things differently.

Have we been successful? You be the judge. Please let us know what you think.

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Escape the ordinary. Discover artisan-made skin and hair care products made only from plant ingredients harvested from nature.

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  • HOE HOI PENG says:

    Hello Dr. Mike,
    My first impression on your products was natural, a little pricey (Most handmade soap, small scale production have similar price range) and interesting.
    You go for not-so-typical essential oils such as Patchouli and geranium to make soap and shampoo. Frankly, I can only find Patchouli in branded fragrances. Lemongrass is refreshing and soothing, which can obtain from local farmers. It helps the small scale farmer to survive and I love the soap very much as it goes a long way. 30g of soaps can last for 1 and half month. Normally my 900ml liquid soal can last for 3 months with daily use. If I compare the cost, I believe Indochine soap wins on cost effective and environmental friendly. I have a blog reviewing products I use and I never have sponsorship from anyone, which means I never bias because I was paid.
    I genuinely like your products and I hope you can expand your product range to skin care such as Toner, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen. I wear sunscreen daily to protect my skin so I hope there is safer option for my skin.

    • IndochineNatural says:

      Hi Hoe Hoi Peng,

      Thanks for your comments and feedback. Much appreciated.

      Yes, we intend to expand our product range. I’m not sure what you mean by “serum,” but we already have our organic face oil. We will never make a “moisturizer” for two reasons. First, our organic face oil does the job. Second, most “moisturizer” formulations require preservatives, something that we will never use. Same applies to sunscreen. These are difficult to formulate. Check out my blog post “Sunscreen safety? Indochine Natural formulations”

      Again, thanks for your comments. Noted, and much appreciated.

      Kind regards,

      Dr. Mike Thair
      Master Formulator
      Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd

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