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Stress comes from many sources. It may come from your urban and workplace environment. Water and air quality, and other environmental factors. Your emotional well-being may be another source of stress. We recognise that stress affects your body. Therefore, anti-stress skincare should be a high priority.

I realised a long time ago that natural fragrance from essential oils is great for creating calming and sensorial experiences. Read any of our product descriptions and you will see wording such as:

Exotic fragrances take you away to a time and place where life moves more leisurely.

Sensual bathing rituals to calm the mind, arouse the senses and restore your soul.

During your daily face cleansing ritual, take time to focus on yourself.

In these stressful times, we are all looking for easy ways to escape. Ways of grabbing some “me time” to relax and re-energize. When blending essential oils for our products, this is something always on the top of my list.

Anti-stress skin care works

For example, typical customer feedback on our Patchouli Lavender Face Wash is:

Love the scent and how it makes my face feels after a wash. Refreshed, zen and calm, all at once.

I never expected it to smell so divine, luxurious and calming.

Love the scent, so refreshing and calming.

In my opinion, we cannot separate anti-stress body care from our mental health, nutritional health, and physical health. The worst thing you can do for your skin is not taking care of yourself physically, nutritionally, and spiritually.

A key understanding is that skin care can only enhance what you already have. If you are stressed, not sleeping well, not exercising, and surrounding yourself with negative people, then don’t waste your money on skincare.

Of course, skin care is related to ageing. Smart consumers are pursuing prevention over cure strategies. Recent trends show a consumer movement away from “anti-ageing” labelled skin care products. Consumers are moving more towards preserving healthy skin and lifestyles, whatever their age group.

Anti-stress skin care, therefore, need not be complicated. I recommend a more holistic view combining your mental health, nutritional health, and physical health.

You need “me time” to relax and re-energize. Choose your daily skincare products carefully. Stay clear of synthetic fragrances. Products formulated with high-quality essential oils can create calming and sensorial bathing rituals.

Also, use natural products to maintain hydrated, nourished and deep-clean to slow down ageing. Remember, recognition of prevention is important.

Discover Indochine Natural today. And discover anti-stress skin care.

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