Quality Cosmetics – Our Malaysian Production Facility

With quality cosmetics the intricate journey from raw ingredient to the final product is complex.  Therefore, what is important is that we have traceable ingredients. Indeed, our in-house Quality … [Read more...]

Why Are Anti Stress Skin Care Daily Rituals Important

Stress comes from many sources. It may come from your urban and workplace environment. Water and air quality, and other environmental factors. Your emotional wellbeing may be another source of stress. … [Read more...]

How can I avoid greenwashed skincare products?

Yes, we are confronted every day. How can I avoid greenwashed skincare products? First, what is greenwashing? It means giving the impression that the product is something that it is not. For … [Read more...]

Pushing Back Against Consumer Misinformation

Unfortunately in the cosmetics industry we are plagued with consumer misinformation. As a scientist, my focus is on evidence-based approaches. I use this in my global consulting activities. And in my … [Read more...]

Are Cosmeceuticals effective? Let’s look at the evidence.

We see many brands these days selling cosmeceuticals. This raises a question. Are cosmeceuticals effective? What is a Cosmeceutical? The name is a combination of "cosmetics" and "pharmaceuticals". … [Read more...]

How Do We Make Affordable Skin and Hair Care Products?

We are often asked how we can provide such high-quality skin and hair care products at such a reasonable price. Our Penang Island based Australian Master Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair responds: "It’s … [Read more...]

Plastic Bags Were Designed to Save The Planet – But It’s What We Do With Them

Science shows that for climate change, paper and cotton are actually far more damaging than recycled plastic. In fact, plastic bags were designed to save the planet. They were never designed to be … [Read more...]

The Dark Side of Fragrance – Allergic Reactions

The dark side of fragrance —it is emerging as an annoying and insidious cause of allergic reactions. Common are modern climate controlled offices shared with coworkers wearing their favourite … [Read more...]

Home Care a Form of Self Care and Looking After the Environment

People are switching from conventional products to natural skin and hair care products. If you care about what you put on your skin and hair, then probably you care about the cleaning products you use … [Read more...]

Video # 1: How to Buy Good Quality Essential Oils and Not Get Ripped Off

Unfortunately, it is challenging these days to buy genuine essential oils. Things have changed a lot since I first started working with essential oils 40 years ago. More and more unscrupulous traders … [Read more...]

Achieve Glowing Healthy Skin With Simple Steps

Who wants to have fresh, clean,  glowing healthy skin ? Of course, everyone. Therefore, establish a simple daily cleansing routine.  And you will glow every day…. Of course using all-natural … [Read more...]

Brands leveraging the environmental crisis. Anxiety, or empowerment?

We see a lot of brands leveraging the environmental crisis as an opportunity to drive sales. Many of these brands make nothing, they grow nothing, they’re just an image. Traders. And let's face it, … [Read more...]

It’s All in the Natural Fragrance

For me, blending and creating new products is a combining of science and creativity with natural fragrance. I source the finest aromatic ingredients from around the world for one purpose. To produce … [Read more...]

Cosmetics manufacturing – a tour of our facility.

Did you know ? Around 90% of cosmetics brands do not make their own products? In fact, they outsource their cosmetics manufacturing to factories known as Contract Manufacturers. As a result, many … [Read more...]

Acne Treatment Products, What’s the Best?

We are regularly asked about acne treatment products. Therefore, as a responsible cosmetics manufacturer, we ensure that customers aware of two things. Firstly, the definition of a cosmetic.  This is … [Read more...]

We Will Not Devalue Your Skincare By Refilling Your Bottle in Retail Outlets

For most retailers, skincare is just a commodity. Products produced in an anonymous factory. The aim? Retail skincare at maximum profit. Nothing more, nothing less. At Indochine Natural we do … [Read more...]