Eco-Friendly General Cleaning Liquid – We Have You Covered

Finding an Eco-Friendly General Cleaning Liquid is not easy. The Problem Check out your supermarket shelves. In the household cleaning section are you able to find anything that comes anywhere near … [Read more...]

What’s clean beauty? It’s something everyone is talking about.

What’s clean beauty? It’s something everyone is talking about. But, there has never been a universal definition of the concept. While specifics vary, most brands agree on some key pillars of clean … [Read more...]

How to Manage Skin Care When Traveling

Let's face it, the holiday season and travel can be hard on  skin care when traveling. Air travel is the worse. Long hours in an airconditioned car or bus is not far behind. Both can be a hostile … [Read more...]

Self Preserving Cosmetics – Are Your Products Safe?

Microbes, not what you want to see in your all-natural skincare products. There are two reasons we add preservatives to products.  First, to prevent microbial spoilage and thus prolong product … [Read more...]

Indochine Natural brand story …. edgy, and exotic.

 The Indochine Natural brand story.  It's edgy, exotic. It's a love story. CHARACTERS Dr. Mike Thair: Australian adventurer. Scientist. Passionately interested in aromatherapy and all things … [Read more...]

Let’s look more closely at plastic recycling

  We are in the midst of a plastic crisis. At the same time, we are in a post-truth era where misinformation is rife . Cosmetics brands are illegally re-filling bottles in retail outlets. This … [Read more...]

PRIVATE LABEL Male Grooming Products – Yes, Guys Like Pampering

……. let’s admit it. Guys like to be pampered. Discover Private Label Male Grooming Products. We are witnessing the modernizing of the old-school barber experience. Friendly places where guys get … [Read more...]

pH balanced skin and hair products – is there need for concern?

We see the term everywhere - pH balanced skin and hair products. pH has become a buzzword, and some consumers are worrying about the pH of their hair, scalp, teeth, and skin. No doubt, creating worry … [Read more...]

Changes to Expect With Natural Hair Care

Customers switching to natural hair care say that their hair feels stiff, sticky or “different.”  As a matter of fact, this is typical if you know what is taking place. Today’s chemical-based … [Read more...]

Hotel bathroom amenities should be memorable, like your holiday

When on holiday  hotel bathroom amenities should be memorable. Guests shouldn't feel trapped by mediocrity. The same bland sythnthitic products that seem to pop up in most hotels these days. At … [Read more...]

Trends Impacting International Skin and Hair Care Products

    Mid-year and it’s time for Indochine Natural to look at 2019 trends impacting international skin and hair care. We like to benchmark Indochine Natural against these trends. (1) … [Read more...]

Balance Your Skin With Face Oil – Advice From Dr. Mike

Our Australian Co-Founder & Chief Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair, recommends you balance your skin  with face oil. Counter-intuitive to most, common sense to some – a good face oil blend can do … [Read more...]

Before you rush off to buy a cotton shopping bag.

Before you rush off to buy a cotton shopping bag. Did you know that grocery bags made of plastic are more environment friendly than the alternatives made of paper, bio plastic and cotton? Even if … [Read more...]

Essential Oils to Calm and Relax

I’m reminded about the disconnect many people have with milk. With more families living in cities than ever it seems a disconnect has emerged between supermarket produce and its origins. For example, … [Read more...]

Can I really use organic face oil on my oily skin?

Our Cofounder & Chief Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair, discusses organic face oil. "Can I really use organic face oil on my oily skin? We hear this comment often from consumers.  And, the immediate … [Read more...]

Palm Oil – Questions & Challenges

The Palm Oil question. Something we get occassionally. In the light of these, our Australian, Penang Island-based Chief Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair, responds below. However, before responding it is … [Read more...]