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We see a lot of Castile liquid soap for sale these days by various brands. But too often they are not what they claim to be. Most are modern syndets. A product made by combining different synthetic detergents. These fakes will often include a “natural” ingredient. Just for appearance’s sake.

Castile liquid is made using olive oil. Take care to read the list of ingredients on the packaging or in the description if you order on the Internet. Genuine products must not contain any added fragrances, colourings, or preservatives. And be exclusively made from vegetable oils – traditionally olive oil.

Chinese factories, which are less likely to respect the traditions and the recipes, have flooded the world with their fake alternatives. They make these fakes with animal fat, sodium lauryl sulfate, and other synthetics. They do not differ from well-known commercialized soap companies.

And why are so many brands selling Castile liquid soap? First, it is popular. Second, modern syndets are cheap and easy to make. And when sold as a Castile soap, the profits are huge.

At Indochine Natural our artisans make Castile liquid the traditional way. It is used to make our face wash products. We import extra-virgin olive oil from an Australian producer. We produce in a large vat. It is a time-consuming and precise process.

Pictured above is a vat of Castile in the final stages of saponification. It has the traditional colour of olive oil at this stage. The entire process in the vat takes about four (4) days. Then we store it for a few weeks to mature.

So, how to spot fake Castile liquid soap?

First, be suspicious of re-sellers. They probably do not know the soap origins and believe what they are told by wholesalers. Second, ask to speak to the soap maker. Visit their soap-making facility and see for yourself. Most soap makers welcome visitors. They are proud of their production and are open and transparent.

At Indochine Natural we are proud of our Castile. And proud of our skilled Malaysian artisans who work so hard. And we encourage questions and visitors.

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