EXPOSED- a rare interview with Dr. Mike

I very rarely do interviews, much preferring to stay out of the limelight. But, couldn't resist this international exposure. An interview with the Ecowarrior Princess. So, a rare interview. Talk … [Read more...]

Can I bring my used bottle to be refilled?

The inevitable question from customers: “can I bring my used bottle to be refilled?” Sorry. The answer is NO, on two levels. ON A LOGICAL LEVEL We manufacture cosmetics under GMP conditions. … [Read more...]

Skin Care While You Sleep

These days many of us are time-poor and sleep-deprived (and that includes me). We need to be aiming at looking good and well-rested, even if we don’t feel it. One secret I can share with you is … [Read more...]

Plastic Bags – Lifting the Lid

A few disclosures before we begin the discussion on plastic: (1) We manufacture skin and hair care, and yes, we use a lot of plastic. At the same time, we strive to make a difference on planet … [Read more...]

Poverty Alleviation & Natural Cosmetics.

Our skin and hair care products. The visible side. In fact, there is another side and purpose that drives our brand. Poverty alleviation. We strive to make a difference on planet earth. Indeed, to … [Read more...]

When we thought we were safe. Essential Oil Adulteration.

It’s no secret. Essential oil adulteration of the more expensive essential oils is now common practice among suppliers. Indeed, that’s why at Indochine Natural we insist on a Certificate of Analysis … [Read more...]

Using Essential Oils Correctly – Tips from our Master Formulator

We import high-quality oils directly from suppliers. Therefore, it is important consumers are using essential oils correctly. As a result you will enjoy the maximum benefits. Our Penang-based … [Read more...]

You Probably Didn’t Know. Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils are not the same.

Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils. Are they the same? This is a question we get often. Our Penang Island-based Australian Co-Founder & Chief Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair, explains. "I have … [Read more...]

This Australian Scientist Thinks The Beauty Industry Needs to Change

Veteran scientist Dr. Mike Thair from Indochine Natural delves into what’s wrong with the USD 500 billion-dollar global beauty industry. His main premise is that the beauty industry needs to … [Read more...]

Quality vs Cost in skincare: Do You Get What You Pay For?

As consumers, the question we continually ask ourselves. Quality vs Cost in skincare: Do You Get What You Pay For? If you’re like most people, you probably look for the best deal. Sometimes it’s okay … [Read more...]

Natural Skin Care Products Malaysia – Make the Shift

What to make the change to natural skin care products  Malaysia? But you are not sure what to choose? We know this can be difficult. There’s so much varied advice on the internet, it can be … [Read more...]

Is SLS FREE becoming the new Natural? Don’t be Distracted.

  This is the trend now. Skincare brands these days will provide an impressive list of what their product DOES NOT contain, including for example SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). Indeed, this … [Read more...]

Why Clove Soap – Discover the Health Benefits

Why Clove soap? Discover the benefits. History First of all, clove essential oil has a long history. Its uses date back to ancient China and India.  Furthermore, this essential oil is in the … [Read more...]

Fragrance in Skin Care Products – the rise of synthetics

We have a romantic view of natural fragrance in skin care products. Blending fragrances is an ancient art. A world of eccentric artisans. Blending the scents of herbs and spices, wild grasses, … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Checklist: Tips on Blending Essential Oils

Before we launch into tips on blending essential oils, let's look at some basics. Why Blend Essential Oils? For me, blending is the combining of science and creativity. I source the finest aromatic … [Read more...]

Loofah For Younger Looking Skin – the all-natural way

Everyone wants to look younger with smoother and less wrinkled skin. Discover loofah for younger looking skin. A thorough cleansing removing the top layer of dead epidermis cells with a loofah can … [Read more...]