Is SLS FREE becoming the new Natural? Don’t be Distracted.

  This is the trend now. Skincare brands these days will provide an impressive list of what their product DOES NOT contain, including for example SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). Indeed, this … [Read more...]

Why Clove Soap – Discover the Health Benefits

Why Clove soap? Discover the benefits. History First of all, clove essential oil has a long history. Its uses date back to ancient China and India.  Furthermore, this essential oil is in the … [Read more...]

Fragrance in Skin Care Products – the rise of synthetics

We have a romantic view of natural fragrance in skin care products. Blending fragrances is an ancient art. A world of eccentric artisans. Blending the scents of herbs and spices, wild grasses, … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Checklist: Tips on Blending Essential Oils

Before we launch into tips on blending essential oils, let's look at some basics. Why Blend Essential Oils? For me, blending is the combining of science and creativity. I source the finest aromatic … [Read more...]

Loofah For Younger Looking Skin – the all-natural way

Everyone wants to look younger with smoother and less wrinkled skin. Discover loofah for younger looking skin. A thorough cleansing removing the top layer of dead epidermis cells with a loofah can … [Read more...]

Cosmetics formulation – behind the scenes

Hi…. Dr. Mike Thair here, the Australian Master Formulator at Indochine Natural. I'd like to talk about cosmetics formulation. In other words, give you a behind the scenes peek at our work. With … [Read more...]

Hands sanitiser vs Hand wash with soap

Hands sanitiser vs Hand wash with soap Experts say hand wash with soap and water is first choice, especially if you have visible dirt on your hands. ... Hand sanitizer is great for when you can't get … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Buying Handcrafted Skin Care Products – you benefit

We need to preclude the benefits of buying handcrafted  skin care products with two important criteria: skin care is applied to the body. Therefore, artisans doing the formulating need to know … [Read more...]

Castile liquid soap. Is it what it claims to be?

We see a lot of Castile liquid soap for sale these days by various brands. But too often they are not what they claim to be. Most are modern syndets. A product made by combining different synthetic … [Read more...]

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil – is this possible?

This question comes up repeatedly from consumers. "May I know whether the essential oils available for purchase on your website are therapeutic grade essential oil." And my reply…… In the … [Read more...]

Avoid Skincare Greenwashing and Make Smarter Shopping Decisions

Marketing gurus know that consumers will pay more for skincare that is “green and clean.” And produced transparently. What is Greenwashing of Skincare This is the term used when brands add one or … [Read more...]

How to Buy the Best Beauty Products with the Highest Quality

A dilemma we all face. How to buy the best beauty products. Did you know only seven companies control almost every single beauty product you buy? I am only referring to brands responsible for … [Read more...]

Improve Emotional Wellness With Daily Rituals

I created Indochine Natural to improve skin and hair care. At the same time, you can improve emotional wellness with daily rituals. At Indochine Natural our influences are the romance of a by-gone era … [Read more...]

Waste to Eco Friendly Cleaning Products

Eco Friendly Cleaning Products Made from Recycled Cooking Oil Eco friendly cleaning products have been developed by our Australian Co-Founder, Dr. Mike Thair. He  uses recycled cooking oil.  The … [Read more...]

Can Essential Oils Help With Anxiety – Yes, they can.

There is evidence that our sense of smell  is linked with the areas of our brain that control our emotions. And interestingly, if you are feeling anxious, certain fragrances  can these feelings. … [Read more...]

Soap vs SYNDET bars have you made the comparison?

  Soap vs SYNDET bars. Not all  are created equal. Although they may appear similar, soap differs from a SYNDET (SYNthetic DETergent). They make syndets using blends of synthetic … [Read more...]