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As a way of improving our health, we are encouraged to increase our consumption of fruit and vegetables. But how much attention do we pay to where they come from and how clean they are?

It is important to clean your fruit and vegetables with a natural cleaning liquid.

The fact is, washing fruit and vegetables can help remove microorganisms capable of causing disease. Remember, they grow these in the soil. You could get a food-borne illness if you eat a little chunk of dirt that had a live strain of bacteria in it.

Also, just think about how many hands they pass through before they reach your kitchen. The farm workers loading them onto trucks. The store employees stocking them on shelves. Other shoppers handling them. Some of these may not wash their hands properly.

Washing your fruit and vegetables in just running water removes some bacteria — but not all. If things are well-attached or living in a tight-knit community called a biofilm, it’s more difficult to remove. So why not clean your fruit and vegetables of any chemical residues and impurities?

Discover our Eco-Friendly General Cleaning Liquid.  It is suitable for all household cleaning jobs including washing your fruit and vegetables.

But hey, we have gone one step further. Our approach is simple. We make this liquid cleaner from recycled cooking oil. This is collected from Halal restaurants. We developed an approach where we saponify this recycled oil. This process turns the oil into liquid soap.

Thus, in one process we are recycling a waste product, plus producing an eco-friendly cleaner. And it enables you to clean your fruit and vegetables effectively, and in an environmentally friendly way.

But there’s more. We trained a group of rural-based intellectually disabled to make this product for us. This provides them with a sustainable income.

And what are customers saying?

Rossyam – 2 October 2018:

“This is my all-time favorite! It makes the cleaning process more enjoyable and calming with the scent. Refreshing and calming, also it’s good for sensitive skin, I don’t have to wear any gloves while doing the cleaning anymore.”

Escape the ordinary now. Discover our Eco-Friendly General Cleaning Liquid

Escape the ordinary. Discover Indochine Natural today.

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