coconut oil ingredients for skin

Coconut Oil Ingredients for Skin – Feel the Benefits

Our Indochine Natural artisans use amazing coconut ingredients for skin and hair in our products.  Notably, our artisans work  with whole oil. They do not use  “plant-derived” ingredients. In fact, these are  synthesized extracts from plants. To explain, these have gone through a long and complicated chemical extraction process. As a result, they are far removed from any component found in a plant. At Indochine Natural we use only whole, natural plant ingredients.   They have had minimal processing.

Our Penang-based Australian Chief Formulator is Dr. Mike Thair. He is always on the hunt for the best quality. For this reason we do not purchase on price alone.

Virgin Organic Coconut Oil Ingredients for Skin

We import this ingredient from the Solomon Islands. This industry is delivering important social and economic benefits to these people. It is cold pressed and unrefined. There is no heat applied. This is done shortly after harvesting the coconuts. As a result, this preserves its healthy benefits.

We choose coconut ingredients for skin because it is rich in emollient fat. It is cold pressed to produce a white, sweetly scented, super moisturizing ingredient. It forms a thin film on the skin. This protects  it from the elements. When saponified, Coconut Oil has great cleansing properties. It is mild on skin and hair. We source our different Coconut Oil direct from suppliers. In fact, this is the best way to manage quality. Moreover, it ensures the best coconut oil ingredients for skin and hair in our products.

Indochine Natural products uses coconut oil in a number of products. We use a number of different forms, depending on the product. These include soap bars, shampoo, and organic face oil. Also in a range of OEM products we produce for other brands.



Organic Face Oil


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