Whatever We do in Business Must Have a Positive Impact.

Indochine Natural ……. a team of dreamers, believers, and friends. Moreover, we come from diverse backgrounds with a common goal and shared vision. Importantly, whatever we do in business must have a positive impact. Giving back is part of the Indochine Natural DNA

Notably, our co-founder, Dr. Mike Thair, works with various poverty alleviation projects in SE Asia and other parts of the world. As a result, he has been the Technical Lead on many projects.

We support social enterprise. Furthermore, we believe that profit and progress should go hand-in-hand. Additionally, we pride ourselves on a commitment to upholding workers’ rights. Also, protecting the environment is important. Giving back to the community is important to us.


We want to help make an impact on the world outside of our office and production facility. As a result,we have taken onthe following community-related projects:


We have been working with The Stepping Stone Centre, on Penang Island, Malaysia. We challenge society’s perceptions by offering work opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities. We work with this group producing cleaning products made from recycled cooking oil. We sell this eco-friendly household cleaning liquid. It has become a “must-have” item for many socially conscious households.


We have also worked with a group of 50 impoverished farmers in Vietnam on a loofah growing enterprise. This employed the local community. They produced a range of bathroom and kitchen loofah products for export.


Our new frontier is the African continent. We have worked to capacity build small skincare enterprises in South Africa, Tanzania, and Ghana. Dr. Mike visited Sudan in 2020 to work on a UN initiative to improve the education system.

It’s all about Giving Back. Making business work for global communities.