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For most retailers, skincare is just a commodity. Products produced in an anonymous factory. The aim? Retail skincare at cheap prices and maximum profit. Nothing more, nothing less.

At Indochine Natural we do things differently. We will not devalue your skincare by refilling bottles in retail outlets.

Our dedicated artisans hand make every product. They do this in our Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certified production facility on Penang Island. Plus, we have two on-site laboratories where products are tested while they are being made, and before release. We employ a trained and dedicated Quality Manager.

Our artisans follow very strict production procedures. This requires a lot of staff training. They manufacture our products and fill bottles in a very strict quality controlled environment. This is all about quality. And customer safety.

How do you think our artisans would feel? After all of their product safety precautions, customers re-fill their own bottles in an uncontrolled retail environment? It’s an environment open to contamination. They would then question our GMP processes. Why bother, they would ask. And they would question. Why Devalue Your Skincare.

Fact is, our artisans take great pride in their work. And in producing high-quality products. Our GMP conditions guarantee quality. This disappears when customers are refilling in retail outlets. Plus, under the ASEAN Cosmetic Guidelines and GMP procedures, refilling in retail outlets is illegal.

Our QC Manager has contacted the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA). And she has been instructed very clearly that if our products were to be supplied where customers refilled their own bottles then (i) we would be prosecuted, and (ii) our GMP Certification may be withdrawn.

But you as a customer make the choice. What do you want to buy? A skincare product made in an anonymous factory, and sold by retailers who don’t care or understand quality?

Our skincare products are made by Malaysian artisans who take pride in what they do. And care about quality. We will not devalue your skincare by refilling bottles in retail outlets.

The choice is yours.

But be sure, Indochine Natural will never compromise customer safety and product quality. We will never provide retail outlet customer refilling of our skin and hair care products.

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