Dry Skin in a Tropical Climate

Dry Skin in a Tropical Climate?

Yes, it is possible. At Indochine Natural we have many customers in Malaysia reporting dry, irritated skin. They complain of dry, tight skin after washing. Itchy skin is a common issue.

The Problem

These days in tropical countries air conditioning is common. Firstly, it is found at work in the office, and at home. Secondly, many sleep in air-conditioned rooms. Therefore, it is less humid and cooler than outside. As a result, this can play havoc with your skin, and in sensitive individuals cause irritation and dryness.

The Solution

There are a few things I can recommend. Non is a guaranteed cure-all but may help reduce skin drying and irritation.

(1) When bathing and drying off, avoid vigorous rubbing of the skin. This may aggravate the skin, leading to irritation and drying. Gentle patting is the way to go.

(2) Avoid chemical sunscreens if you have sensitive skin. Sunscreens have their use,

(3) Avoid products containing denatured alcohol. This substance causes skin irritation and drying.

(4) Consider the texture of products applied to the skin. If you need to rub a lotion into the skin, the rubbing motion may cause irritation. This is why I recommend oils. They are light, easily spread, and readily absorbed.

(6) Study the product ingredients list. Individual ingredients may cause irritation. For example, preservatives often cause irritation. Another culprit is the allergens found in essential oils.

(7) Consider food as a potential skin irritant. If you suspect a particular food, try eliminating it from your diet for two weeks.

(8) Reduce the number of products you use on your skin. Each product applied to your skin or hair is a potential irritant. It, therefore, makes sense to reduce the number. Choose simple, effective products. Avoid those containing synthetics.

I hope the above points are helpful. If you have any personal tips, please put them in the “Speak Your Mind” section below.

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Dr. Mike Thair

Chief Formulator

Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd

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