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Eco-friendly cleaning products made from recycled cooking oil

These cleaning products have been developed by our Australian Co-Founder, Dr Mike Thair. He uses recycled cooking oil.  The process used is saponification. This is one of the oldest chemical reactions known to man. Here, we treat recycled cooking oil with a strong alkali.

Depending on the process adopted, this makes either solid or liquid products. As a result, this use of recycled cooking oil reduces kitchen waste.

Notably, the products produced are 100% biodegradable. Also, they are non-toxic and do not contain toxic chemicals or bleach. Most importantly, they are skin-friendly.

As a result, our products are popular in restaurants and hotels. However, many commercial establishments use cleaning products made using cheap surfactants. These are associated with various skin irritations.

Dish wash soap (solid)

Other eco-friendly cleaning products include our solid dish wash in Lemongrass fragrance and the solid no-fragrance cleaner. Both have excellent cleaning properties.  Also, they can be used in cool water, and are long-lasting and economical. In the case of difficult jobs, allow soaking overnight

Eco-friendly general household cleaning liquid

Our liquid cleaner is suitable for all household purposes. For example, this includes dishes, pots, pans, floors, walls, tiles, and all other household chores. Therefore, this is one of the most versatile eco-friendly products on the market.

You are helping others when buying these products

Eco-friendly cleaning products made from recycled cooking oil are part of Indochine Natural’s Fair Trade activities.  Here, we work with a group of rural-based intellectually disabled on Penang Island, Malaysia.  Importantly, they collect recycled cooking oil from local villages.

Also, we assisted this group to improve the production of solid dish wash soap. Then we designed equipment and gave the training to produce cleaning liquid. The sale of these products provides a sustainable source of income for this group of intellectually disabled.  The income assists them on their path to economic independence.

Indochine Natural has worked with a restaurant to make cleaning products from recycled organic vegetarian cooking oil.  These products are used for restaurant cleansing.  Also, they have the potential to be retailed as household cleaners.  Check out the full details of our eco-friendly cleaning products

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