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Finding an Eco-Friendly General Cleaning Liquid is not easy.

The problem

Check out your supermarket shelves. In the household cleaning section are you able to find anything that comes anywhere near being free from synthetic chemicals? Furthermore, how many products are without synthetic fragrances?

In fact, these products are full of synthetic ingredients that we really do not fully understand. Also, nor does science. In addition, most have never been tested for harmful effects. The chemicals in these household products are harmful to our planet; clog up our ecosystems; and are non-biodegradable.

Most household cleaning products are just plain bland. Lifeless chemical solutions that overpower you and your living spaces with synthetic fragrances.

An eco-friendly general cleaning liquid: Putting sexy back Into cleaning

Imagine switching to something green. In other words, safe products without the use of synthetics. Notably, products that enhance a toxic-free lifestyle. Products with a feel of luxury and high quality. Products that lift your mood and spirits. Cleaning solutions that work. We are talking about putting the sexy back into cleaning.

Our Penang-based Chief Formulator has produced the answer. Australian, and a keen green advocate, Dr. Mike Thair has developed our Eco-Friendly General Cleaning Liquid. It is made using recycled cooking oil collected from restaurants. In fact, you will not just be greening your home, you will also be contributing to recycling.

Dr. Mike believes that cleaning chores should be mood-enhancing. Notably, for the fragrance, he uses all-natural essential oils. Have your spirits lifted with a blend of garden-fresh Cymbopogon flexuosus (Lemongrass essential oil), and Ocimum basilicum (Basil Sweet essential oil).

And there is more

At Indochine Natural we are into giving back to our community. Dr. Mike has trained a group of rural-based intellectually disabled to make this product for us. It provides members at the Stepping Stone Work Centre with a sustainable source of income. We are challenging society’s perceptions by offering work opportunities to people with disabilities.

Discover our Eco-Friendly General Cleaning Liquid

Escape the ordinary. Buy online or from our factory retail outlet M-F 9:00 – 5:0.

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