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It’s no secret. Essential oil adulteration of essential oils is now common practice among suppliers.

Indeed, that’s why at Indochine Natural we insist on a Certificate of Analysis (CoA) for every essential oil we buy. A part of the CoA is the Chromatographic Profile. This analysis is done using laboratory analytical equipment I am familiar with. The Gas Chromatograph, and Mass Spectrometer.

The problem

We insist on CoAs for all oils. This is our guard against essential oil adulteration. For example, orange oil, mandarin oil, and lemon oil. Historically they have not been subject to adulteration.

However, I am now informed that this has changed. Unfortunately, because of the relatively simple chemical composition and tremendous price differences among citrus species, adulteration is becoming commonplace.

Skilled blenders can make blends that are almost indistinguishable from authentic oils through conventional gas chromatography analysis.

Potential solutions for detecting essential oil adulteration

I have been studying the results of a scientific study. Here a reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method was used. It examines the nonvolatile constituents in essential oils.

They proved the nonvolatile oxygenated heterocyclic components identified in citrus oils to be more effective as markers in adulteration detection than the volatile components. The volatile fraction of citrus oils are much easier to manipulate. Thus inappropriate for citrus oil fingerprinting. Therefore, this approach offers routine quality control testing for the authenticity evaluation of citrus essential oils.

At Indochine Natural, we take quality seriously. We buy from trusted ingredient suppliers globally, but still, we must be on guard.

In our production facility, we have two quality laboratories. We employ a full-time Quality Manager. Every oil is quality tested before being released for sale. Therefore, for our customers, it’s all about the trust in our brand.

When it comes to skin & hair care, we’ve got high standards. And industry standards have never met these. So we invented our own higher standards.

Check out our range of oils. Drop into our factory retail outlet to try before you buy. Or, you can buy online.

Discover Indochine Natural today.

Dr Mike Thair

Master Formulator & Co-Founder

Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd

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