Fair Trade Activities

Our activities include working with the  Stepping Stone Centre. They are a part of Asia Community Service’s Support Centre for Community Living project on Penang Island. Notably, they challenge society’s perceptions by offering work opportunities to people with disabilities.


We love their motto: “See our Abilities, not our Disabilities”. We first started working with Stepping Stone in 2009. Our shared project was their dish wash soap made from recycled cooking oil. As a result, we improved the quality of this solid soap. Also, we improved their daily production capacity. Indochine Natural sells the dish wash soap.  It has become a “must-have” item in the many kitchens throughout the country. Product sales provide well-earned income to this group of disabled workers. The sales also deliver a healthy dose of self-esteem too.

Our next Fair Trade project with the Stepping Stone Centre was to make a household cleaning liquid. Again, using recycled cooking oil. Indochine Natural provided training over several months at the Stepping Stone Centre. Members are now able to produce this product themselves.  Again, this provides work and income-earning opportunities. We sell this liquid cleaning product.  Exports have gone to Singapore, the USA, and Japan.