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Fragrance in Skin Care Products – the rise of synthetics

We have a romantic view of natural fragrance in skin care products. Blending fragrances is an ancient art. A world of eccentric artisans. Blending the scents of herbs and spices, wild grasses, flowers, bark. These artisans are romantics.  Fascinated with the romance of the distant and exotic sources of ingredients. These natural essences are expensive. They define luxury.

The End of Our Romantic Notion of Fragrances

The world of these artisans was shattered in the early 1900s. Synthetics arrived. These replaced natural essences. They offered a low price, stability, and consistency. We saw the rapid rise of modern perfumery and brand names. There was a rapid decrease of perfumery artisans using natural essences. At the same time, we saw a decline in natural fragrance in skin care products.

Our olfactory senses are desensitized by chemical fragrances. Smell is a protective sense. The nose is a sensitive organ.  Our reaction to smell is immediate and rapid. Just a few molecules can reach our bloodstream and send chemical signals to our brain in a split second.  Some people are hypersensitive to smell. Reactions may range from headaches to migraines, dizziness, and nausea.

Look out for the word “fragrance” on any product label. It means that a synthetic fragrance has been added. It can contain any number of 3,000 unlisted, untested, chemicals. They include undisclosed ingredients in untested combinations and unknown quantities.

Fragrance causes allergic dermatitis. It may trigger an allergic reaction. Fragrance often contains toxic aromatic hydrocarbons. For example,  benzene or benzene derivatives.

We have forgotten what natural flowers smell like. We have become immersed in the unnaturalness of our modern world.

Re-Discover Natural Fragrance in Skin Care Products

At Indochine Natural we strive for authenticity. We reject synthetics. We strive to capture the essence of romantic escapism. Our artisan-crafted products evoke old-fashioned and pure values from simpler times. Our exotic natural fragrances take you away to a time and place where life moves more leisurely. We create products for sensual bathing rituals to calm your mind, arouse your senses and restore your soul. We maintain the artisan art of NATURAL fragrance in skin care products.

The creation of Indochine Natural products is done by our Australian Chief Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair. He and our Malaysian artisans are located on Penang Island, Malaysia.

Discover a more natural world of fragrances. With ingredients harvested by hand from the natural world of plants. Ingredients extracted by distillation or cold-pressed.  And quality checked. Discover natural fragrance in skin care products. Escape the ordinary. Discover Indochine Natural. Sign up for our newsletter and receive a cool 20% discount on your first online purchase.

Dr. Mike Thair

Chief Formulator

Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd




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