Giving back – it’s part of our philosophy

Giving back.  It’s part of the Indochine Natural philosophy. The photo above shows Indochine Natural Co-founder & Master Formulator Dr. Mike Thair, working with intellectually disabled at the Stepping Stone Centre in Penang, Malaysia. Indochine Natural has developed and implemented an initiative that provides opportunities for these people to become economically independent.

Business gets a bad wrap these days, and often for a good reason. It doesn’t have to be this way. Many companies are now making a statement by aligning with causes that relate to their own brand story. Responsible companies are setting up their own projects and giving back.

Consumers these days increasingly expect companies to practice giving back

At Indochine Natural we have causes that matter to us, and we do our best in giving back.

Giving back was part of our DNA when we started in Viet Nam in 2006. Here we worked with the poorest-of-the-poor, rural farmers. We established loofah growing and processing. This provided additional income for 50 farmers and employed family members. These products we exported globally.

Since establishing in Malaysia,  we have been working with the Stepping Stone Centre. This Centre challenges society’s perceptions by offering work opportunities to people with intellectual disabilities. We capacity built this group to produce cleaning products made from recycled cooking oil. The oil is collected from local restaurants where often it finds its way into drains. Our environmentally friendly household cleaning liquid has become a “must-have” item for many socially conscious homes.

Indochine Natural supported the building of a Women’s health in remote Thapathali village, Nepal. Nepalese women face many challenges. These include child marriage, hard work, many births and domestic violence.

Indochine Natural’s Australian co-founder, Dr. Mike Thair, first visited Nepal in the mid-1970s. Since then he has led poverty alleviation projects in Nepal.

Dr. Thair continues with his poverty alleviation work in SE Asia. During the year he will disappear for a few weeks from the Indochine Natural office.  He works on various poverty alleviation projects. His focus recently has been Viet Nam and Myanmar.

So next time you treat yourself, choose a brand that practices giving back. Browse our product pages, treat yourself to all natural body care products knowing you are partnering with us and giving back.

Discover Indochine Natural today.

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