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Hair Conditioner – when will we release one?

When will Indochine Natural release a hair conditioner?”

A question asked often. It’s something we have considered.

But first, about the DNA driving Indochine Natural. We define luxury by craftsmanship. The all-natural ingredients we use, and the artisan tools used to craft our skin and hair care products. Our priority is the best quality ingredients from global suppliers.

Also, we’re not interested in just putting products on the shelves to sell. For us, it’s more about natural ingredients. The fragrances. And the families producing our ingredients. Their stories. We believe that artisanal body care producers create a new discourse between consumer and producer. We expand the horizon on what body care products are all about. We connect with customers excited about the power of artisanal body care products.

Now back to hair conditioner. The fact is that itmust be formulated with preservatives. All preservatives are synthetic. And it’s the use of synthetic ingredients that goes against our all-natural philosophy. So, we will not produce hair conditioner under the Indochine Natural brand.

However, we make hair conditioner, with preservatives, for other local and international brands. It’s their brand choice.

Also, we produce all-natural conditioning bars for other brands. These are popular.

OK, let’s have your feedback. Would you like an Indochine Natural conditioning bar?

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Dr. Mike Thair

Master Formulator

Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd




  1. Azlina Firzah says

    A conditioning bar would be appreciated.
    Another option would be hair oil to be used after a hair wash

  2. IndochineNatural says

    Hi Azlina,

    Thanks for these suggestions. Any essential oil suggestions for the conditioning bar that you would like? Plus other ingredients?

    I have actually formulated some halal hair oils for other international brands. One will be launched internationally by another brand very soon. I was thinking of something similar for Indochine Natural.


    Kind regards,

    Dr. Mike Thair
    Master Formulator
    Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd

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