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People are switching from conventional products to natural skin and hair care products. If you care about what you put on your skin and hair, then probably you care about the cleaning products you use around your home.

People are realising that home care is a form of self care.

But, the choice of natural cleaning products is limited. We have all been there. Looking for safe, all-natural household cleaning products? And what are we presented with? First, a lot of greenwashed products. Second, vague ingredient lists.

At Indochine Natural we have the answer. Skin & Eco-Friendly Household Cleaning products. You can now avoid harmful and skin-damaging household cleaning products. And, at the same time, you can help the environment in two ways. First, we use a process to convert used-cooking oil into a sudsy cleaning liquid. That’s right, we are recycling something that would normally go to waste. Second, these cleaning products are 100% biodegradable.

These products are formulated by our in-house Australian expert. Dr Mike Thair. A world-renowned consultant, and our Master Formulator here on Penang Island.

But we have gone one step further with self-care. The products are made by a group of rural disabled on Penang Island. It provides them with a sustainable income.

Our eco-friendly products can be used for a range of household cleaning jobs. Including, cleaning dishes, pots, and pans. Also, for use on floors, walls, and tiles. Therefore, this is one of the most versatile cleaners on the market.

The Lemongrass and Basil fragrance of the liquid cleaner is fresh and clean. Being concentrated, and depending on the cleaning task, you can dilute. Also, for the solid cleaners, there is a choice of Lemongrass or No Fragrance.

Notably, because it is so skin-friendly, our 5L general cleaning liquid is popular with restaurants and hotels. And, the focus is self-care.

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