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We specialise in high-quality, natural hotel amenities.

These are the height of simple luxury.  And they instill in your guests a sense of confidence and joy. They can be formulated to encapsulate the “essence” of your hotel. This sets the scene for guests during their stay.  What does this mean to your guests? Memorable daily bathing rituals. Enjoyment of products using only plant ingredients. They will long remember the handcrafted natural hotel amenities made by Malaysian artisans in Penang.

For olfactory-minded hotels, these become another way to define their brand. This provides an opportunity to connect with guests both during and after their stay. And have them remember your hotel. Think about it. A memorable bathing ritual to start their day, and then to finish the day. It leaves a lasting impression.

For guests, the luxury of natural hotel amenities helps bring back a sense of nostalgia and calm. They become a strong factor in helping trigger the memories that guests have of your hotel. Many guests like to purchase these as a memento of their stay. They make wonderful gifts for friends back home.

And that’s just one side of the story. Our handcrafted amenities provide your guests with a memorable bathing experience.



Hotels using our natural hotel amenities are praised by guests on TripAdvisor.com:

“…the best soap we have ever used… The bouquet of the soap made one feel like they were in heaven. It was that nice.“

“…very nice smelling toiletries. Every shower felt like having a spa treatment.“

“…the toiletries they provide in the bathroom make the whole room smell wonderful every time you take a shower!“

“I loved it so much I bought a ton of them to bring home for friends.“

Quality you can trust

Our natural hotel amenities are formulated and produced under the guidance of our Australian Master Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair. Our production facility is both GMP and Halal Certified.

Your Next Step

Contact Indochine Natural today if you are interested in differentiating your property from competitors.  If you are only interested in cheap mass-produced guest amenities, then we are not the company for you. Also, we do not work with middle-men.  We prefer to deal directly with hotels for win-win solutions.

Current hotel clients

The following discerning establishments provide guests with Indochine Natural guest amenities:


1. Are you able to custom make exclusive room amenities that will only be supplied to our property?

We certainly can. This customisation can include your logo stamped on soap bars, signature fragrance blends, and unique packaging. We provide a free design service, or can work with your own designers.

2. Are your products Halal? Registered with the cosmetics authorities?

Yes. We are a registered manufacturer with the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau (NPCB), Ministry of Health Malaysia.

We are a certified Halal production facility.

To verify these certification, please click on the Halal and GMP logos at the bottom of this page and insert Indochine in the search button.

3. Do you require Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs)?

Yes. These are usually based on production batch quantities and shipping carton sizes. However, we realise that in the hotel sector there is a large variation in room numbers, and we will work with you to find the optimum MOQ for a win-win solution.

4. How do you ensure continuity of supply?

For a number of smaller hotels where there is limited staff, there is always the possibility that someone will forget to reorder and this is not noticed until the supply finishes. With this in mind, we have created (for our smaller hotel clients) a system where they double-order on the first order, and we only ship one of the two orders, keeping the other at our production facility. When they re-order, (this time a single order), we can immediately ship the order retained from the initial double-request. We then proceed to make the new order, which is then retained for the next purchase. So even if the hotel is almost out of stock, we are able to ship their requirement very quickly without waiting for it to be manufactured.