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When on holiday hotel bathroom amenities should be memorable. Guests shouldn’t feel trapped by mediocrity.

But, the same bland synthetic products seem to pop up in most hotels these days.

At Indochine Natural our Malaysian artisans produce all-natural bathroom amenities. And, we use traditional methods from a bygone era.  As a result, they provide your guests with memorable bathing experiences.

Therefore, Indochine Natural hotel bathroom amenities are often mentioned on For example, below are some of these comments:

… the best soap we have ever used….The bouquet of the soap made one feel like they were in heaven. It was that nice.

… the bathroom toiletries which were so lovely I bought myself an extra set.

… This is the first hotel I’ve been to where you were provided with body oil (infused with essential oils) instead of body lotion in your bathroom. I loved it so much I bought a ton of them to bring home for friends.

…very nice smelling toiletries. Every shower felt like having a Spa treatment.

… And the toiletries they provide in the bathroom make the whole room smell wonderful every time you take a shower!

Multi-award-winning hotels using room amenities produced by Indochine Natural include the iconic E&O hotel in Penang,   Bon Ton Resort, and La Pari Pari.

If you are a hotel manager, having your hotel bathroom amenities made by Indochine Natural allows you to deal directly with the manufacturer.

Therefore, we can provide your business with the following solutions:

  • Workable MOQs based on your requirements.
  • You will work with our Penang Island-based Australian Master Formulator, Dr Mike Thair.
  • Genuine and credible products. Because they are truly all-natural.
  • Your amenities will have a story. They are different from the mass-produced offerings of your competitors.
  • Opportunity to generate income from gift packing and retailing room amenities to guests.
  • Products that work and deliver on promises.
  • Fair Trade produced. Therefore there is potential to leverage your CSR commitments.

Want to take the next step? Then go to our Natural Hotel Amenities page for more information on how we can assist.

Discover Indochine Natural. Escape the ordinary.

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