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How Do We Define Luxury?

Craftsmanship will define luxury. Therefore, at Indochine Natural we only work with natural plant ingredients. Also, there is no automated machinery. No synthetics. High standards of craftsmanship are required. Plant ingredients are transformed into superlative body care products.

Artisanal body care products create a different dynamic between consumer and producer. Because they expand the horizon of what body care products are all about.

These products capture the essence of romantic escapism. In addition, they recall old-fashioned, pure values from simpler times.  Also take you away to a time and place where life moves more leisurely. They create sensual bathing rituals to calm your mind. Arouse the senses and restore your soul. This is how we define luxury.

Notably, our luxury skincare is vegan and cruelty-free. It is free of synthetics. Designed by us, handmade by us.

Today consumers are experiencing the globalization of luxury. In other words, everything is available everywhere. With big companies, it’s about product development, increasing retail outlets. For Indochine Natural, this is not our focus. It creates barriers between consumers and our artisans. We have opted out of retail. We only sell from our factory outlet or online.

Our interest is communicating with consumers to define luxury

We are passionate in direct to consumer sales. We focus on educating our audience when they visit our factory retail outlet. Here you will meet the artisans. We do not use sales staff. Also, we educate through our blog, Instagram, and Facebook. As artisans, we can do this. Remember, we are the guys who make the stuff. You can talk directly with us. This is how we define luxury

This way, artisanal body care producers create a new discourse between consumer and producer. They expand the horizon on what body care products are all about. We connect with fellow souls excited about the power of artisanal body care products. This is how we define luxury.

Escape the ordinary. Discover Indochine Natural. Check out our products.


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