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How to Buy Natural Skin Care Products Online? Our Penang-based Australian Master Formulator, Dr Mike Thair, says shopping for natural skin and hair care products doesn’t have to be hard.

He suggests you follow the simple guidelines he has provided below.

Also, Dr Mike points out that Indochine Natural “makes the stuff.” Most other brands use contract manufacturers to produce their products. He recommends consumers talk to the guys who actually make the products.

And you can’t always rely on the sales staff. They just read sales scripts and may not know too much about what goes into products.

(1) Why buy natural skin care products

It’s all about managing your body’s Toxic Load. This refers to the accumulation of toxins and chemicals in our bodies. We ingest these from a variety of sources, including the environment, food and water, our personal care products, and household cleaning products.

Detoxing your skincare regime may seem like a huge task. But it can be done if you follow the basic rules below.

(2) Read the labels

No matter what any website or salesperson says, all you really need to know about the product should be given in the ingredients list on the product label.

When shopping online, you should also be able to see the ingredients list for each product. However, what is going on a lot these days is that brands are only listing “key ingredients,” or “active ingredients,” on the brand website.

If brands are having this approach and not listing a full ingredients list – this should raise a red flag. The fact is that they have dropped off a lot of the “not-so-sexy” ingredients and those that may raise concern among customers.

If you want to become a pro in reading ingredients labels, download for free Dr Mike’s 10 Step Guide to Understanding Cosmetics Labels.

Another free download of Dr Mike’s is Have Your Body Care Products Been Angel Dusted?    This free e-book will teach you to avoid being “tricked” into buying certain products.

If you can learn to read ingredient labels on skin care products, then you are well equipped to make the safest purchases of natural skin care products for yourself and your family.

(3) Choose products with essential oils. Avoid synthetic fragrances.

Natural fragrances are made from essential oils. Synthetic fragrances come from petrochemicals. Many of these are hazardous. Most fragrance blends are not revealed on labels. The reason is they are legally considered propriety.

Thus, it can be difficult to get a listing of all the chemical ingredients in a particular fragrance. If you have sensitive skin, avoid all products that list “fragrance.”

If you want to learn more, read Dr Mike’s blog post Fragrance Oils and Essential Oils.

(4) Be aware of misleading claims

A typical marketing approach these days is branding claiming for example “a highly luxurious shampoo that never has SLS, PEG, paraben, silicone or other nasties.” The question for consumers to ask is, “where’s the proof?” The unfortunate fact is, that there is no proof.

Unless you can ask the manufacturer (the sales staff wouldn’t know), you must take these companies’ claims at face value. For example, they can hide ingredients such as paraben and some preservatives behind “fragrance” on the label.

Another term is “cosmeceutical.”  This suggests a product is both a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical. Unless a product has been registered as a drug, it is not pharmaceutical. Any claims of healing, treating, or curing are false and illegal.

Another misleading marketing term is “Hypoallergenic.” This suggests that a product will not cause an allergic reaction. The fact is that there are no clear definitions for the use of this term.

“Dermatologist-tested” is another widely used marketing term. Again, another unregulated term in the cosmetics industry. All you need is one dermatologist getting a financial kickback for advocating the product.

Unless a skin care product has undergone a double-blind clinical trial, they have not been tested. And it doesn’t matter what any dermatologist says.  This doesn’t mean that all skin care products need to undergo clinical trials. For most, it is not required because they are produced using ingredients that are recognised as safe. However, claims of this type should be a red flag to consumers.

If you have questions about how to buy natural skin care products online…. then talk to the guys who make the stuff. Contact us.

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