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A dilemma we all face. How to buy the best beauty products.

Did you know only seven companies control almost every single beauty product you buy? I am only referring to brands responsible for skincare (body and face), hair care, perfume, and makeup.

And don’t we all take pride in making a conscious decision when we buy from a certain brand? Especially something as personal as beauty products.

The fact is that 182 beauty companies fall under the massive umbrellas of seven huge mega-companies — Estée Lauder Companies, L’Oréal, Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Shiseido, Johnson & Johnson, and Coty. They also control advertising and the way you see beauty.

This is an amazing amount of control over your personal buying decisions. And this makes it more difficult for you to decide on how to buy the best beauty products.

But it gets worse. Most times, the branded product you buy is not actually made by that brand. They use what are known as Contract Manufacturers. These are huge factories making beauty products for many brands. Ever wondered why a lot of different products have a sameness about them? This explains why.

These factories are anonymous. Most staff working for a large brand may not even know exactly where the factory is located. Or, be aware that products are made by Contract Manufacturers.

And then there is the company culture. The closest consumers get is the company “culture” pushed by brand marketing. A brand will have a retail “culture” with brand messaging. Then you have different cultures in the brand headquarters and the factory floor. The customer-caring and safe product culture of the brand-marketing message may not be visible on the factory floor. The factory workers making many brand products in some anonymous factory couldn’t care less about individual brands. And why should they?

So, where does that leave consumers? How to buy the best beauty products.

It’s your choice. You can continue taking pride in thinking you’re making conscious decisions when buying from a certain brand? And believe there is a connection between the marketing hype, the product, and where and how the product is made.

Alternatively, you could look at the various Indie brands that are springing up. I know, it’s hard enough to keep your finger on the pulse of what’s new in retail stores, but a small brand producing all-natural products will fly well below anyone’s radar.

Besides our own brand, Indochine Natural, we know of a few other Indie brands in Malaysia that are making their mark. Check out @rootremedies.

But due diligence, please. When researching Indie brands check that the products are made by qualified formulators. Also, they should be properly registered with the cosmetics authorities.

Plus, to help you with how to buy the best beauty products I have written easy-to-read brochures to help you. These include a guide that helps you distinguish good from bad in understanding what’s on the label.

Another brochure explains how to avoid being “tricked” into buying a certain product that contains only a tiny amount of a particular ingredient. We call this Angel Dusting.

Another one of my brochures explodes six popular myths about body care that probably thought were true. You can download these helpful brochures HERE.

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Dr Mike Thair

Master Formulator

Indochine Natural Sdn Bhd

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