Indochine Natural Body Care Products

Indochine Natural daily bathing rituals are more than just “keeping clean.” There is something beautiful in making a ritual out of the mundane. Our artisan crafted products evoke old-fashioned and pure values from simpler times. They are soothing, nourishing, and hydrating. The exotic fragrances take you away to a time and place where life moves more leisurely. Body care is a beautiful, natural, whole body experience.

The Indochine Natural story started in the eighteenth century. During this time European traders flocked to the Straits of Malacca and Penang Island. They sought exotic treasures including cinnamon, clove, and ginger. These were used not just to flavour, but to heal.

Today, on Penang Island we continue this tradition.  Indochine Natural products are handcrafted by our artisans. We use the natural, evocative fragrances of the historic spice route.  Our sensual bathing rituals calm the mind, reawaken the senses and restore your soul. Our Australian co-founder and Chief Formulator, Dr Mike Thair, leads product development. He creates bespoke Indochine Natural aromas that are unique and distinctive. We use only natural ingredients.

Honour your wellbeing with all-natural, artisan made small batch products. Feel safe knowing they are free from harmful chemicals and toxins.