Is SLS FREE becoming the new Natural?

Is SLS FREE becoming the new Natural? Don’t be Distracted.


This is the trend now. Skincare brands these days will provide an impressive list of what their product DOES NOT contain, including for example SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). Indeed, this raises the question. Is SLS FREE becoming the new Natural?

And while they have your attention, they will list other “sexy feel good” and “natural” ingredients. For example, these may include for example Yogurt Extract, Fermented Milk Extract, Olea Europea (Olive) Leaf Extract. And the list goes on.

Is SLS FREE becoming the new Natural?

By now you are feeling good about the brand. You feel positive about the product and are likely to make a purchase. But, it raises the question. Is SLS FREE becoming the new Natural?

And while you are distracted and about to push the “purchase now” button, they have quietly slipped a long line of other synthetic chemicals onto the product ingredients list. Hey, some brands are even to shy to list these online. Hoping that after receiving the purchase you will be too excited to grab your magnifying glass to read the ever decreasing font size of the ingredients list. But, if you do get around to reading the ingredients you will see things like:

Sodium Cocoamphocetate, Sodium Lauryl Glucose Carboxilate, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Cocodiethalonamide,  Ethylene Glycol Distearate, Natrium Chloride, Dehyrdroacetic Acid.

This is a lot of chemistry to squeeze into just one list of ingredients. Do you have any idea what any of these are? The fact is, that without exception, they are all synthetically derived.

What really matters is the manufacturer. How well do you know them? Are they using cheap chemicals and trying to pass them off as natural? Or are they using truly natural ingredients you can actually understand and pronounce?

Now back to those “sexy ingredients” mentioned above. These will be in low concentrations. They are unlikely to cause any effect. This is what we call Angel Dusting.

Our Penang-based Australian Master Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair, has written a free booklet. Check out Angel Dusting. Download and learn.

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