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Written by our Australian co-founder and Managing Director, Dr. Mike Thair, this series of short and informative easy to read booklets are available for easy downloading. Thousands of loyal Indochine Natural customers and others have now downloaded these booklets, and as a result are making wiser consumer decisions when buying body care products.

If you have any queries or require clarification, please feel free to contact us and Dr. Thair will do his best to personally respond. Also, if you have any suggestions for further booklets and topics to be covered, please let us know.

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Dr. Mike’s 10 Step Guide to Understanding Cosmetics Labels

Dr. Mike Thair helps you distinguish good from bad, when it comes to understanding what’s on the label.

Have Your Body Care Products Been Angel Dusted?

How to avoid being “tricked” into buying a certain product that contains only a very small amount of a particular ingredient.

Dr. Mike’s Body Care Myth Buster

Six popular myths about body care that probably thought were true.

How to Buy Good Quality Essential Oils

Use this checklist to separate out the scammers from sellers of high quality pure essential oils.

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