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Everyone wants to look younger with smoother and less wrinkled skin. Discover loofah for younger-looking skin.

A thorough cleansing removing the top layer of dead epidermis cells with a loofah can achieve this. Exfoliating dead skin cells produces amazing results. It also helps to maintain healthy skin.  Others will notice because your skin will glow with a healthy radiance.

These days many cosmetics companies have resorted to synthetic means of skin exfoliation. Notably, these are polluting. Because pollution comes from their manufacture and their disposal.

Loofah production

Our artisan-crafted exfoliators evoke old-fashioned and pure values from simpler times.

We believe your bathing rituals should soothe, nourish, and hydrate. Your bathing rituals should be sensual. Calming your mind, arouse arousing your senses and restoring your soul. And of course, for younger-looking skin.

Indochine Natural started growing these products in 2006. We cooperate with 50 farmers in the North of Viet Nam.  This is part of our Fair Trade activities. They grow in large fields on bamboo trellises.

Notably, this vegetable is popular in Vietnamese cooking. Therefore, our farmers harvest some of the green vegetables to sell in local vegetable markets. The others are for loofah products.

First, the loofah dry on the vines. They are then harvested.  Then seeds and outer husks are removed.  Next, they are cleaned with water. Once clean and dried they are then counted and tied into bundles. Consequently, this provides a lot of local employment for families.

Finally, they are transported, Vietnamese style, to our production facility in Ha Noi.

These dried vegetables are then made into high-quality bathroom products.

Firstly, our artisan team sorts and grade the dried plant material. At the same time, cutters prepare hemp or raw cotton.  Next, the two components are sewn together. Finally, our artisans package the finished product ready for shipping.

Discover loofah for younger-looking skin

Honour your well-being with all-natural, artisan-made small-batch products. Notably, feel safe knowing they are free from harmful chemicals and toxins.

Discover loofah for younger-looking skin. Buy our Body Loofah now and see immediate improvements. And, others will notice.

Discover Indochine Natural today.

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