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Natural Skin Care Products Malaysia – Make the Shift

Why make the change to natural skin care products Malaysia. Did you realize your skin is drinking a toxic soup of chemicals from the personal care products you use daily? If you don’t get it right, the products you use could have serious impacts on your health. Maybe it is time to change over to natural skin care products.

But when confronted with products made from ingredients you don’t understand, and there’s so much varied advice on the internet, switching to natural products can be overwhelming.

Our Australian Co-Founder and Chief Formulator, Dr. Mike Thair, has put together a guide to simplify the process of “going natural.” You can make informed decisions on buying natural skin care products Malaysia.

1.              Learn About Cosmetic Ingredients

This step is crucial, and you must get into the habit of reading labels. You need to buymake informed choices about what to buy, and what to avoid.

Check out “Dr. Mike’s 10 Step Guide to Understanding Cosmetics Labels” which is downloadable for FREE.

2.              Replace As You Go

You cannot instantly change to natural skin care products Malaysia. As products run out, replace these with natural and/or organic products needyou consider healthy. Step-by-step try alternatives and see what works for you. At the same time keep an eye on the ingredients.

3.              Try Each Product

When shifting to new products, you are never certain if they will satisfy you 100%. Look for smaller sizes to buy and try.

Sometimes the switch to a new natural skin care products Malaysia your body may need time for change. This is true for hair products. Check out our blog post Changes to Expect When Switching to Natural Hair Care .

4.              Natural Products Are Different

Sometimes, natural and organic products differ greatly from synthetic mass manufactured products. You may need to learn about these products and how they function.

Check out our blog post Can I Really Use Face Oil On My Oily Skin

5.              Check Out The Packaging

Products using a lot of extra packaging are not so natural. Genuine natural brands will use minimal packaging.

6.              Check Out The Producer

These days most brands do not manufacturer their own products. Most will use Contract Manufacturers to produce their products. These Contract Manufacturers are mostly anonymous. Try phoning the manufacturer of you favorite body care product and ask questions about the product. Do you know who they are? Where they are located? What standards are used? Are they qualified?

Only use products where you know who does the manufacturing, and you can contact them easily to ask questions.

If you are interested, check out who is behind Indochine Natural and our company ethics.

7.              Now Check our Natural Skin Care Products Malaysia

OK, now we have given you some basic tools to make the switch to natural and organic products. We now invite you to apply these to our product range


As always, if you have queries feel free to contact us directly. Talk to us, we produce the products in Penang. Between Dr. Mike, or our Production Manager, and our Quality Manager, we should be able to answer any queries you have.

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