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Dr. Mike Thair
Managing Director & Master  Formulator

Australian adventurer, and scientist.   Extensively traveled and worked throughout SE-Asia since the 1970s.  His interest in body care products comes from work developing mathematical models for the skin. Motto, “escape the ordinary.” Of course, his passion is natural body care products.  And when not formulating natural skincare products, he is working on poverty alleviation projects around the world.

Ms. Le Thanh Thuy

Vietnamese.  Tertiary trained in fashion and design in Viet Nam.  Indeed, the “darling of the international set” in Ha Noi at the peak of her fashion design and tailoring career. As a result, every day she was measuring senior European diplomats for superior quality suits.  Also, dashing to meet deadlines for wedding and high-fashion gowns. Consequently, Le was a pioneer in the Vietnamese fashion industry catering to foreigners. But, in spite of this success, she was lured to Indochine Natural and body care products.

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Our Story

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Le and Dr. Mike’s paths crossed in Ha Noi, Viet Nam, in the early 2,000’s. She had made a new discovery, handmade natural soap from Bali. “Nothing special” says Dr. Mike, “I can do better.” Le held him to his word and set the challenge. The next few months saw Dr. Mike working in a corner of Le’s fashion design studio perfecting a range of traditional handmade natural soap bars. The fragrances converted fashion clients into natural handmade cosmetics customers. It kindled the creation of a new business.

We were influenced by a nearby ancient herbal medicine street in Ha Noi. We studied the historical spice trade between SE-Asia and Europe. Contact was made with local French essential oil distillers.Indochine Natural as a brand evolved. Our focus was artisan-crafted products evoking old-fashioned and pure values from simpler times. Bathing rituals that were soothing, nourishing, and hydrating. Exotic Indochine era fragrances to take you away to a time and place where life moves more leisurely. Sensual bathing rituals to calm the mind, arouse the senses, and restore your soul

The coming months saw the swift expansion of Indochine Natural. Le was forced to relocate her fashion design business. The two owners from different backgrounds and cultures were forced to take chances, make sacrifices, and struggle.

The business expanded.Desperate for more space, in 2009 Indochine Natural relocated its production facility to Penang Island, Malaysia.In 2017 the business doubled its production area and office space. Indochine Natural continues to evolve.

Where to next?

And our motto…. escape the ordinary…..

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Our inspiration

We are based in Penang Island, Malaysia. This is a place of beauty and intrigue since its time at the centre of the spice trade. The island has a perfect crosswinds location at the heart of Southeast Asia. Malaysia was a key maritime base for trade routes from Europe, the Orient, India and China. In the eighteenth century, European traders flocked to the Straits of Malacca and Penang Island. They sought exotic treasures including cinnamon, clove and ginger. These were used not just to flavour, but to heal. This rich history inspires our products; these exotic ingredients infuse our products. We formulate products with the natural, evocative fragrances of the spice route.

Our mission is to bring you the natural, sensual delights of a bygone era, and to help reconnect you with the simple pleasures in life. Let the spirit of the spice route reawaken your mind, rejuvenate your body and restore your soul.

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Our Philosophy

We believe in simplicity, integrity, and authenticity. We believe in high quality, all-natural products for everyday use. We believe in wellbeing.

We choose to follow a tradition of artisan-made, organic product creation. We formulate with only natural plant ingredients to craft our body care range. And while your body relaxes, your conscience can too. Our products are all-natural, environmentally friendly, ethically handmade, cruelty-free and fair-trade.

We are committed to the environment. We honour the environment by minimising waste in our production processes.

We are committed to recycling. We create our natural home cleaning products using recycled cooking oil. This makes use of a waste product that is often disposed of without regard for the environment. We believe in learning from the generations that have gone before us and protecting the planet for the generations that are yet to come.

We draw on our rich culture and vibrant history of Penang Island. Located in the heart of the spice route, we create an intoxicating mix of body care products designed to nourish your mind, body and soul.

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Company Growth

We are a small company, choosing to grow at a sustainable rate. We aim to develop long-term Fair Trade business relationships to produce good quality products and reliable service.

The company started in Viet Nam in 2006. We incorporated in Malaysia in August 2008. The production facility and office were relocated to Penang Island, Malaysia, in 2009.

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Our range

We are passionate about creating a purely plant-based, all- natural skincare range. Our ingredients are as close to their natural state as possible. This way they keep their full profile of healing benefits. This is why we prefer to use whole plant oils. We generally avoid processed plant extracts, as often these have the potential for contamination. This may come from the chemicals used in extraction processes.

We have grown our body care range step by step from the ground up. We intentionally choose plant materials that heal, restore and rejuvenate. At the same time, we like to formulate providing unique aromatic experiences.

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